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Office Complex
  o Admin Level 3
     Office of the Administrator
     Personnel Department
     Civilian Recruitment Division
     Support Personnel Division
     Diplomatic Relations Office (Dr. Van Buren)
  o Admin Level 2
     Food Freezer
     Freezer Ventilation Machinery
  o Admin Level 1
     Office (D-AL 101)
     Records Office (D-AL 102)
     Staff Lounge
  o Admin Sub Level 1
     Executive Lounge
     Chaos Theory R&D Lab (Dr. Newell)
     Guarded Storage Area (Admin Level 1)
     High Security Storage Facility (Admin Level 1)
     Turret Defense System
  o Admin Sub Level 2
High Security Materials Storage Area
  o Security Station (Level 6)
  o Storage Area/Silo D Main Cargo Lift (Level 6)
  o Storage Area 1 (Admin Level 6)
  o Cafeteria (Level 6)
  o Storage Area 2 (Admin Level 6)
  o Storage Area 3 (Admin Level 6)
  o Central Ventilation Access Shaft (Level 7)
  o Storage Area 1 (Admin Level 8)
  o Storage Area 2 (Admin Level 8)
  o Storage Area 3 (Admin Level 8)
Experimental Propulsion Laboratories (Silo D)
  o Prop/Lab 01 Engine Testing
     Test Fire Control Room
     Blast Pit
  o Prop/Lab 02 Power Facility
     Power Generator (Silo D-02)
     Crate Handling/Storage
  o Prop/Lab 03 Wind Tunnel
     Wind Tunnel (Silo D-03)
     Fuel Room
     Fuel Machinery
     Oxygen Piping
Hazardous Waste Flow
Transit System: Yellow Line