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Nova Prospekt Research Laboratories is located beyond the Interstellar Commerce Commissions (ICC) network boundaries. Although sometimes nicknamed Area 331 for its frequent denial by executives. The location is from an abandoned United Americas Outer Rim Defense (UAORD) key point for strategic launching platform. The planetoid, called Malebogle (the left range is designated the 8th level of hell), is part of a binary star system with a gas giant nearby, therefore making gravity a little stronger than normal (1.12 G). Nova Prospekt is located within Cany Canyon. Malebogle has two suitor moons, named Planet Z and Planet K respectively.

According to its developer’s mission statement, “…to investigate the matters of particular importance for the well-being of the universe…” Its intent is to survey various surroundings for large interests. As such, to development new and advanced weaponry, to increase production of energy sources, and to investigate possible life for biohabitature.

The planet of Malebogle

The terran of planet Z, believed to be Xanthe Terra