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Corporal Daniel Eduardo

Marine Information Database, Class 1

Name: Daniel Webster Eduardo
Rank: Corporal
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Criminal Record: None
IQ: Unknown
Schooling: High school in Kingston, Jamaica; United States Colonial Marine Corps Basic Training, School of Infantry.

History: Kingston, Jamaica, applied for United States Citzenship at the age of 18, enlisted in the United States Colonial Marine Corps.

Personality: Eduardo is unusually stable for a civilian, let alone a marine, a quick wit, sharp mind and light outlook on life keep him a generally pleasant person to be around and a safe trooper to have in a squad. Many people suggest that Eduardo shouldn't be 'pushed too far', but as no-one seems to have reached his limits, the results of him being 'pushed too far' are unknown.

Appearance: Strongly built, bald, often wears a bandana underneath his helmet, sports a goatee beard, brown eyes.

Medals: (listed left to right)

Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal