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Private First Class Tom Ellis

Marine Information Database, Class 1

Name: Tom Ellis
Rank: Private First Class
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Criminal Record: Citation for assault. Was acquitted after the fact after new evidence was found that proved him innocent.
IQ: 157
Schooling: Northeast Regional Boarding School - High School Diploma MSFA - Major: Ground weaponry Minor(s): Alien studies & electronics

History: Born in Connecticut on Earth. Moved to a terraforming colony at age 4. When he was 12 a Predator attack left both his parents dead; he joined the Marines at the earliest possible age, hoping to eventually get his vengeance.

Personality: Prefers using stealth tactics to weaken and destroy his enemies rather than an all-out confrontation, but is fully committed to destroying all threats in any possible way. He has a particular grudge against Predators.

Appearance: Well built with a regulation hair cut; looks about five years younger than he is. Handsome, pleasant face. Light brown hair, icy blue eyes, with tanned white skin. 6'6, 210 pounds. Intimidates most men easily with just a look.

Medals: None