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Second Lieutenant Patrick Falcon

Marine Information Database, Class 1

Name: Patrick J. Falcon
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Criminal Record: None
IQ: 135
Schooling: United States Colonial Marine Corps Academy, Graduated in Ship Security and was regarded by many officers as quite a marksmen.

History: Born in California on Earth. Grew up in a suberb of Ventura, having a long childhood interest in the Colonial Marines. Often played war games in the woodland areas near his home. From the meare sight of him you'd think he was just an ordinary marine, but has been reported to have twenty-two confirmed kills...Most were hostile.

Personality: Falcon's personality is only known to his close friends, but when asked about is mostly refered to as one word, lethal...You learn to like him.

Appearance: Tall, fit with short blond hair and blue eyes. Light scares on the knuckles of his right hand... He hit someone in M3 body armor just a little to hard.


Bronze Star