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Corporal Jared Fel

Marine Information Database, Class 1

Name: Jared Fel
Rank: Corporal
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Criminal Record: None
IQ: 126
Schooling: United States Colonial Marine Corps Basic Training, School of Infantry.

History: Servicing onboard USS Gauntlet.

Personality: Fel is a loner at heart and keeps most of his emotions bottled up. The few who he regards as friends see a whole new side of him.

Appearance: Fel has black hair, His eyes are oddly different colors with one blue and one red. He is well built but not buff. He is 6' 2 and weighs 160 pounds. He has a scar running across over his left (red) eye, a memento from some previous encounter.

Family: Fels parents, Sarah and Bill, live in Texas. His Brother, Andrew (14) and his sister, Alex (16) live with his parents in Texas

Medals: (listed left to right)


Distinguished Service Medal - Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal