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Major John Recco

Marine Information Database, Class 1

Name: John Recco
Rank: Major
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Criminal Record: None
IQ: 139
Schooling: United States Colonial Marine Academy, New Annapolis Yard, Maryland. Majored in Command and Xenomorph Studies. Minors in Ground Weaponry and Stationary Defense.

History: Recco Was born in Palm Springs Florida. Graduated from high school when he was 18. Enlisted with the Marine Corp/Academy training after meeting with friend Colonel Johnathen Sprint, now a two star General.

Personality: Outspoken, friendly, intense, calm, and quite lucky.

Appearance: Tall 6'7" with blue eyes and short trimmed blonde hair, rugged appearance overall.

Family: Wife living back on Earth. Mother and Father living on the Saturn's outpost colony on Titan. Father was an Officer of the Corp - Col. Duane Recco (retired).

Medals: (listed left to right)


Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal - Humanitarian Service Medal - Prisoner of War Medal
Combat Readiness Medal
Marine Corps Recruiting Service Ribbon - Marine Corps Drill Instructor Service Ribbon