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Corporal Kerrick Rivdal

Marine Information Database, Class 1

Name: Kerrick Rivdal
Rank: Corporal
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Criminal Record:
IQ: 130
Schooling: 4 years of college at Pennstate. Majored in Psychology and Military history. United States Colonial Marine Corps Basic Training. United States Colonial Marine Aerospace training. Advanced Infantry training.

History: Kerrick Rivdal was born in Philadelphia Pennslyvania. He grew up in a suburb of Phildelphia and attended 4 years of college at Pennstate. He had always had an interest in Military history and the military overall. So after college Kerrick Enlisted in the Colonial Marine corps and underwent Infantry training at the United States Colonial Marine Corps School of Infantry and aerospace training at Gateway Station after his promotion to Corporal. Kerrick showed exceptional skills at fighter and dropship piloting.

Personality: Most people would describe Kerrick as being somewhat crazy. He tends to rush into situations ignoring any dangers or hazards to himself. He is totally loyal to the Corps and has served in it for several years. One of his flaws, is that he has anger issuses, and a drinking problem that he refuses to admit to.

Appearance: Kerrick is around 6ft 1 inch tallk. He weighs around 170 and appears to be rather strong. He's african American and has a medium brown skin tone. He's bald. He doesn't appear to be the kind of person who you would see behind the controls of any kind of aircraft, but flying is something he loves to do. His movements are always quick and percise. He is said to have catlike reflexes.

Family: His parents Simon and Martha Still live in california. He has no brothers or sisters.


Distinguished Service Medal - Combat Readiness Medal