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Brigadier General Johnathan Sprint

Marine Information Database, Class 1

Name: Johnathan Sprint
Rank: Brigadier General
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Criminal Record: Suspected of charges of Insubordination; dropped after he was promoted to Major for saving the USS Liberation from crash-landing.
IQ: 143
Schooling: United States Colonial Marine Academy, New Annapolis Yards, Maryland. Double Majored in Astronomical Physics and Command. Minors are Ground Weaponry, Alien studies, and Ship Inner Defenses.

History: Sprint was born in New Berlin, Moon Colony. He Graduated from high school at age 16. Later lived aboard a starship with his uncle, an officer. The ship was taken over by pirates, which led to its destruction although Sprint managed to escape shortly before in a EEV. Immediatly afterwards he persude a career at the Marine Academy in New Annapolis. He joined the Marines afterwards and has been with them ever since. Has fought in the Core systems.

Personality: Near emotionless. Was trained so that he would not 'snap' during missions, and he easily became a Brigadier General with the help of General Werner, General Rydane, and General Lueken. Brilliant at ground tactics as well as starship maneuvers.

Appearance: Tall and muscular with blonde hair, spiked back and crazy deap blue eyes. Light scars over his body, one across his right eyebrow. He also picked up the habit of smoking cigars from the Cubans while stationed at Guantanamo Bay during his Majorship.

Family: Father, Mother. Father worked for Weyland-Yutani Enterprises, killed by xenomorphic threat on Acheron aka LV-426. Mother killed on a commercial starship collison.

Medals: (listed left to right)







Congressional Medal of Honor - Navy Cross - Defense Distinguished Service
Silver Star - Defense Superior Service Medal - Purple Heart
Joint Service Commendation Medal, Atlantic Region Latin/South American Campaign Medal, Cuban War Victory Medal
Marine Space Force Distinguished Service Medal, Exceptional Achievement Medal, Exceptional Bravery Medal
Exceptional Service Medal, Outstanding Leadership Medal, Marine Space Force Service Medal
Armed Forces Service Medal - Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal - United Nations Medal
Marine Space Service Deployment Ribbon