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Corporal Joshua Stanford

Marine Information Database, Class 1

Name: Joshua Stanford
Rank: Corporal
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Criminal Record: None
IQ: 124
Schooling: High school in Coastal Carolina; University of Northern Carolina Majoring in Communications and Minor in Marine Biology; United States Colonial Marine Corps Basic Training, School of Infantry.

History: He was born on Carolina, Earth. While studying at the east coast his parents were savagely killed by an xenomorph warrior during a disaster at a company loading bay. He gave an oath from that moment on to kill all xenomorphs and that all testing be eliminated. He felt in order to do this, he must become a Marine.

Personality: When on the job he likes to keep things serious. His wit, determination and luck makes up for his attributes of being a jackass at times. Once you know him, you grow to like him.

Appearance: Tall, muscular with dark short red hair, 213 lbs, with tannish skin.

Family: Father, Mother both killed by xenomorph incident.

Medals: (listed left to right)

Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal