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Main Reactor Core
  o Level A
     Supply Depot
     Long Jump Module Storage
     HEV Suit Storage
     Weapon Storage
  o Level B
     Supply Room (B-101)
     Security Station (B-102)
     Teleportation Lab (B-103)
     Hazardous Material Storage
     Teleportation Lab (B-104)
     Lambda Reactor Pipe Access
     Laboratory (B-105)
     Laboratory (B-106)
     Local Portals 0109
     Supply Room (B-201)
     Supply Room (B-301)
  o Level C
     Local Portal (Enclosed)
     Portal Observation Area
  o Level D
     Water Tankage
     Supply Room (D-301)
Omega Coolant System
  o Maintenance Station
  o Auxiliary Coolant Tank
  o Coolant Tank 01
  o Pump Station 01
  o Coolant Tank 02
  o Pump Station 02
Radioactive Materials Handling Bay
  o Cargo Lift to Central Complex
  o Hazardous Materials Handling Bay A
  o Hazardous Materials Handling Bay B
Test Firing Chamber Gluon Gun
Central Complex (CenCom)
  o CenCom Bay 3
     Turret Defense System
  o CenCom Bay 3 Storage A
  o CenCom Reservoir
  o Mechanized Infantry Repair Bay
  o Cargo Lift to Hazardous Materials Bays
Satellite Target System
Topside Motor Pool
  o Security Booth
Vehicle Repair Garage
Waste Processing Area 3
Furnace Building
Large Vehicle Storage
Security Office
Tactical Operations Center
  o Barracks
  o Armory
  o Vehicle Storage
Hangar 16
  o Hangar 16 Loading Bay
Ordnance Storage Facility
Science Offices
  o Office of S. Reardon and S. Jones
  o Conference Room
  o Office Foyer
  o Security Shed
  o Vehicle Repair
  o Storage Area 2
  o Storage Area 3
  o Service Elevator
  o Employee Elevator
  o Employee Parking
  o Power Unit 2
  o Ventilation Maintenance
Ordnance Storage Facility
  o Watch Tower
  o Container Storage
  o Security Station
  o Storage Areas
  o Lambda Sector Transport Secured Access
Transit System: Yellow Line