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Private First Class Rick Hunter

Marine Information Database, Class 1

Name: Rick C Hunter
Rank: Private First Class
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Criminal Record: None
IQ: 133
Shooling: Went to MSFA, Graduated in piloting. Minors in Demolitions.

History: Born in California on Earth. Parents moved to a terraforming colony. The colony was raided by a Predator hunting party. He barely survived by defending himself with a predator wrist claw. Which he escaped with three other colonists when a Colonial Marine section finally arrived and pulled them out. He joined the Colonial Marines because in the process of being rescued, a marine took a Predator plasmacaster blast to save his life.

Personality: Often taken as extremely aggresive, his friends know him as more than that. He's sometimes is known to be very stealthy, and at time has shown high charisma.

Appearance: Tall, strong and well built, with short brown hair and bright blue eyes. Has a scare on the left side of his face, going down from the top of his forhead, through the eye, and down to the cheek bone; From an alien encounter.

Medals: None