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USS Gauntlet Crew Roster

Some names might have a GMS marked next to their position. That basically means that I have not been notified of what they want for their position, so they have been given one and put under "General Marine Status" until I know what they want. If all of the specialties are taken, you can sign up under PGMS. Permenant General Marine Status. Less responsibility, but always the first to go into battle, which could be dangerous.....

The two positions, Commanding Officer and Squad Commander, can only be achieved by being appointed by the Battalion Commander, Major General Sprint. These positions are highlighted in yellow.
A red bullet next to a name () means that the person has not completed boot camp. A blue bullet () means the person has completed boot camp. A green bullet () means the person is an Officer and has completed the academy.

* Name Rank Position
Johnathan Sprint Brigadier General Commanding Officer
Johnny Recco Major Communications Officer
Max Ginez Second Lieutenant Security Officer
Chris BraveheartCorporalSquad Commander
Kerrick RivdalCorporalDropship/Main Ship Pilot
Jared FelCorporalCrew Sniper
Heratio AndanLance CorporalBioTechnician
John SolarnPrivate First ClassDemolitions Technician
VallePrivateCommunications Technician
Danike Linwe`PrivateCrew Sniper
CahillPrivateDemolitions Technician
Michael CaseyPrivateShip's Weapons Technician
DimitriPrivateGMS (General Marine Status)
Rob AdderPrivateGMS (General Marine Status)