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Beginner's Page

Click here for Connecting to DALnet

Welcome to the Gauntlet's Beginner's Page! At least now I know that you are somewhat interested in our sim. There isn't really much to simming. If you have NEVER simmed before and/or NEVER seen an Aliens movie, you don't need to! We are the United States Colonial Marines, not Weyland-Yutani. The sim is easy to adapt to. Let me explain. The commands are quite simple, actually.

Whenever the Commanding Officer of the sim demands attention he will say or scream ATTENTION!!! As soon as you see that, type either ::attn::, ::aa::, or ::@@:: which means that you are at attention. The two :: marks on each side represents an action. Such as...

(GenSprint) ::grabs his pulse rifle::

Then The CO will give the mission, positions for everyone. The Sim Officially starts when The CO sends BEGIN SIM!

If aliens, predators, or rebels are encountered, the CO will announce it in ACTION->>(whatever the action is) form. YOU MAY NOT ANNOUNCE AN ACTION. Actions look like this.

ACTION->> The drop-ship screams through the planet's atmosphere.

That means that the dropship is decending toward the planet. If there is more than one enemy encountered, the CO will announce that. And please label the alien you shoot. Say your name is Jackson.

(GenSprint)ACTION->> 25 aliens jump out of the air ducts!

(LCplRaz)::fires at alien a::

(PvtJackson)::fires at alien q::

That represents that Arac shot at Alien A, and you shot at Alien Q. If you do fire, please do not say what happens to the alien. This will be specified in an ACTION form by the CO.

Something else you might see in the sims sometimes. Say we are on a planetary mission, and we get seperated. If you want to contact someone else in the group, but they're on the other team, just put R> in front of what you're going to say, which represents Radio Contact. Such as....

(LCplRaz)::fires at alien a::

If you hear the gunfire, and you are concerned, you might say,

(PvtJackson)R> Raz, Whats the matter??

This represents radio contact. Say you're on the ship, and you're in your room and you want to talk to Raz, 15 decks up. You would put an I> in front of what you say in order to represent Intercom Communication. Such as...

(PvtJackson)I> Raz?
(LCplRaz)I> Yeah?

This represents you are talking over the intercom to Raz.

Might I also say that extreme cursing is allowed and encouraged.

This page isn't COMPLETELY finished, as there is more to add. But it doesn't get any harder. Why not sign up? It's VERY fun and you shoot stuff!

Thank you for your time.

Brigadier General John Sprint

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Connecting to DALnet

DALnet is an IRC server on mIRC. Now what is IRC? IRC is a Internet Relay Chat. And mIRC is a client for it. Our sim is located on it, in a chatroom.

1) First you have to download mIRC, Click here to download the recent copy

2)Install mIRC.

3.)Open mIRC and press the "X" button(such as what you close your programs with other than File, Exit in Win95) when the geek appears.

4.)A setup window should pop up, asking for your Real Name, Real Email address, Nickname, and alternate nickname. Enter those now.

5.)There should be a bar that says "Random US DALnet Server" near the top. Click on that bar and scroll down until you see something that says "DALnet: US, OK, Tulsa". Click on that.

6.)Click on the "Connect to IRC Server" button.

7.)After the MOTD, just type /join #USS-Gauntlet and you'll be there!