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Welcome to the USS Gauntlet

505th Spaceborne Marines - Space Force
USCMC Starship
1st Colonial Marine Brigade - 16th Battalion

The USS Gauntlet has been given the Presidential Meritorious Unit Commendation for meritorious service against the Cuban forces in Mexico.

"Silver wings upon their chest, these are men Americas best... One hundred men will test today but only three win the Green Beret... that's bullshit man."

Sergeant Matthew Donstone, USCMC, reponse to the Green Beret Ballad

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The Colonial Marine's Shoulder Flash & Colonial Marine's Regulations Badge.

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NOW AVAILIBLE! Brigadier General Sprint has collected a series of sounds you can listen to during the sim that will enhance your simming experience. It is in .zip format, so you have to have WinZip or some other sort to unzip the file. Click HERE to get them.

The USS Gauntlet is part of the Colonial Marine Simming Orginization! Sign up fast to be a major part of the ONLY IRC Aliens: The Movie Sim to date! Do YOU give strange looks when one mentions a sim? Are YOU completely clueless on how to sim? Have YOU never simmed? If so, give our Beginner's Page a looksee!

We sim on DALnet every Saturday 9PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). Don't know how to get DALnet? Well I can tell you, but you need mIRC. Go here to find out how.


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