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The Sim Ranks and Positions

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Marine Ranks

Enlisted Ranks

[No Rank Insignia] E-1 Private (Pvt)

You are the lowest of the low. You have no identifying signial, you get no priveleges, and everyone thinks you are a loser. You wear no arm insignia, and you are fresh outta basic training. A true virgin to battle.

E-2 Private First class (PFc)

You are the best of the worst, having command over all the other lowly Privates. You can command your group to the best of your ability. Your insignia is one chevron. You now have a small amount of priviledges from the Captain.

E-3 Lance Corperal (LCpl)

Your insingnia is a single chevron with a half-circle at the base, and a pair of crossed rifles inside. You actually have a taste of real power now, being able to command privates. If you've survived this long, you are considered to be pretty good.

E-4 Corperal (Cpl)

 Corporals have the same insignia as a Lance Corporal, except they have a dual-chevron instead of one in the triangle. Now you are in charge of the Corporals. It is possible now to have some true power and influence with the Captain.

E-5 Sergeant (Sgt)

Congratulations, you have entered the group of men that are very few, because very few manage to live this long. It is rare indeed to see a Sergeant with few scars, for most men and women clawed their way to the top, literally destroying all the Aliens that stood in their way. Your symbol is now a triple-chevron in a triangle.

E-6 Staff Sergeant (SSgt)

With a triple-chevron and a stripe at the bottom of the triangle (under the crossed guns) you can finally say honestly that you are one of the few that are the best. You've survived dozens of missions, fought aliens hand and foot, and managed to stop them at every turn. You are a f*cking miracle worker.

E-7 Gunnery Sergeant (GSgt)

 Adding another stripe to the bottom of your insignia gains you the status of Gunnery Sergeant. You now are one of the few elite individuals out there. Now is when Sprint or another high-ranking officer may start sending you on some missions with just 3 or 2 people, going against the aliens.

E-8 Master Sergeant (MSgt)

You are now a true elite. You can smell the alien's breath a mile away, and you are a true lunatic. Most people have gone insane by the time they have reached this rank. Others have gone paranoid. I hope you don't get trapped into the norm.

E-9 First Sergeant (FSgt)

Now you are really cooking. Another strip added to the bottom, and changing the crossed guns in the middle to a diamond gets you near one of the highest rankings an enlisted man can have. Now the Commandant expects a lot out of you, perhaps even sending you on a solo mission now and then. This rank is rare and difficult to achieve, being awarded for all around excellence.

E-10 Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGS)

This rank is achieved through ass kissing, basically. You are decided not to be expendable, so you rarely conduct in dangerous stunts as dropship flying, APC driving, and hand-to-hand combat. You still accompany the captain and officers on away missions, but you almost always stick with the captain. You could have a command of your own some day.....

Sergeant Major (SgtMaj)

 This is one of the proudest ranks there is in the Colonial Marine Corps. This is awarded to the best of the best, those men and women who refuse to let any alien get in their way, those who fight to the death, those who save their friends and the ship over and over again. This is one of the toughest ranks to acheive. It takes a great effort to even imagine.

Commissioned Ranks

O-1 Second Lieutenant (SLt)

Fresh outta the Academy, the 2nd Lieutenant knows nearly nothing about battle, aside from the holographic simulations he's been in and the paintball wars he's lived through. These are often the ass-kissers, the people who want to make it big. The smartest of them usually do....

O-2 First Lieutenant (FLt)

 A step about the Second Lieutenant, the First Lieutenant is slightly more experienced, but a First Lieuy has never TRULY met battle before, such as an invasion or a war. Many of them go insane when they do. I hope you don't fall into the abyss...

O-3 Captain (Capt)

 This is where you may get your own command, provided there is a ship availiable for you to command. You wouldn't get much more than a Supporting Establishment ship at first, unless a war ensues within the Colonial Marines' space. Now, your rank is shit within the corps. One doesn't stay a First Lt. very long, for Captains are needed for their expertise and for their erratic thought patterns. That's why there's so many of them.

O-4 Major (Maj)

 Being a Major is like being the ketchup on a hot dog. Without you, the Colonial Marines has an empty space. You are truley an expert in your field, and you know all there is to know about commanding a ship and executive thought. NOW you might get a ship worth commanding.....

O-5 Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol)

This rank is barely a step above a Major. While not being a full Colonel, you might get transferred to an outpost on Mars or Pluto and keep them safe from attacks from the PNRC (People's National Republic of Cuba). However, we just might decide to keep you, because you know a lot about battle now.

O-6 Colonel (Col)

 At this rank, you may be given command of a 15-20 year old ship; something up to date, but not technologically advanced. You might even get command of your own base or even an orbital station. Colonels are not easy to come buy, for many men are killed on the line before they can become Colonels.

O-7 Brigadier General (BGen)

Now you have a rank worth having; along with a ship worth your expertise and command ability. You have excessive knoweledge of xenomorphs and Predators, as well as surviving for long periods of time in harsh environments. You are a walking stone, my friend. Indestructable in every way, it is not surprising for a Brigadier General to have a mechanical body part, possibly parts. This is the point in time which you can choose whether or not to accompany your company on a mission; rather, you often do.

O-8 Major General (MGen)

You are the very model of a modern Major General. Like in the movie, you have supreme knoweledge of animals, vegetables, and minerals. You no longer need a motion tracker to know when an Alien is about to strike. You can sense the invisible presence of the Predator. You can smell the evil scent of a rebel. It's all too present in your mind.

O-9 Lieutenant General (LGen)

Welcome to Desk Job City, where you're only in it for the money at this point. You have so many false body parts and you have no real teeth, the Colonial Marines keeps you around for your superior knoweledge of the Marine Corps.

O-10 General (Gen)

 This is the point of high supremacy. You now have the ability of commanding a space station, and possibly Guntanamo Bay. The PNRC has made numerous threats to overrun it, so we need someone like you to keep the hold. You have access to things even the Pentagon and the Men in Black have no idea that exist. You are to keep your mouth shut about anything you see or hear. You are practically part of the CIA yourself, bub. Keep yourself in line, this is a tough position to have.

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Ship Position Descriptions

Dropship/Main Ship Pilot

The Dropship pilot is usually the crewman on the edge. Lives for excitement, danger, and the like. And they usually find it. The ones that the USCMC operate with are usually heavily trained in landing troops in strange, uncomfortable, and unknown terrain. They aren't the best no-haul bombers and fighters in the world. That job is shared by their cousins, the United States AeroSpace Force(USASF). They are lightly trained in this mission, but rarely complete it when they are sent on one. They are trained overall in piloting and weaponry, and don't have a distinct knoweledge of anything besides dropships. They usually are one of the first people to fire upon aliens because of their wild nature.

Maintence Officer

The Maintainence Officer is the person who keeps everything in check on the ship and in dropships and APCs. They have minor repair knoweledge of weapons, but supreme knoweledge of the ship's engines, the APC powersource, and how to jump to FTL when the ship doesn't have the capability. These people are few, and they are used sparingly. If the ship's engines get thrown out of whack, the Maintainence Officer is notified immediately and he can diagnose the problem instantly. They are like the BioTechnicians of the engine room.

Ship's Weapons Technician

The Ship's Weapon Technician is the person who knows all there is to know about weaponry. From the M4A2 9mm handgun to the Teonine grenade, from the M41A3 10mm to the HIMAT missile, they know it all. They also know all there is to know about a ship's weapons. They can repair any part of a railgun with some spit and a piece of wire. They are usually the first person to fire upon an alien threat, as these people are highly paranoid. They enjoy confusing people with their erratic thought patterns, so no one can predict what they're thinking. Sometimes they want to nuke the bastards, sometimes they want to pet them. These men, if shot, are hard to replace, because they fill a great void in a crew of a starship.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer usually stays down in the Communications array, except when an away mission comes along. They are never left aboard the ship while there is an away mission. No one knows how to work the comm array better than this person. If it fries, they are at work right away. They know how to use the open channels to their full advantage, and they know how to hack onto classified frequencies and find out what who is doing.

Crew Sniper

The Crew Sniper is the sharpshooter of the group, trained heavily in use of the M42A Scope Sniper Rifle. They are usually near the back of the group, because these people are most definately NOT coming to the Corps a dime a dozen. A ship is lucky if they get ONE, much less many Crew Snipers. Unexpendable in nearly every way, these men can become cocky at times. If this problem does get to their heads, the Captain quickly remedies the problem. Trained in light weaponry, these people are good with an M4A3 handgun and the M41A3 rapid fire gun. Anything beyond that is like Greek to them.


The BioTechnician is the main medical and biological man on the ship. They know all there is to know about plants, humans, animals, xenomorphs, Predators, and the list goes on and on. They perform surgeries, they dissect aliens, and they inspect plants. They keep the healthiness of the crew in line, and basically keep them alive whilst in space. They always attend away teams, no matter how dangerous. However, they have minimal weapons knoweledge and usually are not the first person to fire in an attack.

Demolitions Technician

The Demolitions Technician is the know-it-all of the demolitions field. They don't know much about guns beyond the M56 Smart Gun, but they can take apart a 23S grenade and put it back together without an explosion. They can create tripwires, and history has guessed that the electronic tripwire is one of their favorites, because these people are comparable to the hackers of the late 1900s - late 2000s. Their abilites are often called upon, and these people are usually the grunts right behind the Weapons Technicians. Being highly paranoid, trained and naturally, they always are one of the first to fire upon an alien threat.

Security Officer

The Security Officer is the person who keeps the crew safe from harm from invaders, such as rebels, aliens, predators, bacterial infection and the like. Your security code can override the captain's if you feel it is absolutely necessary, but only if the captain has gone truly insane. You are always brought on away missions for your superior knoweledge of battle in enclosed space, such as hallways, rooms, and especially engine rooms. You are always one of the first people to fire on an alien threat, for you have been trained to get rid of an immediate threat, even if the cost is your life.